G1 Practice Test – Knowledge 4

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Unless you want to turn left or pass another vehicle, you should…?

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When lights are required, drivers must switch to low beam headlights when following another vehicle at what distance?

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It is more dangerous to drive at the maximum speed limit at night than during the day because…?

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When it is safe to do so, passing other vehicles on their right side…?

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The fine for not using a child car seat or booster seat as required by law is…?

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Are drivers responsible for their passengers buckling up?

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A broken line at the left of your lane means…?

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If the signal light changes from green to amber as you approach an intersection, what should you do?

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If you register a BAC from ___________ (known as the "warn range") you will receive an immediate driver's licence suspension.

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Fully licensed driver who talks, texts, types, dials or emails using hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices face fines of up to...?

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A person whose driver license is under suspension, may…?

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When deciding to make a U turn, your first consideration should be to check…?

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Fully licensed drivers - The Ministry of Transportation may suspend your license after a 9-points interview…?

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Motorcyclists are entitled to the use of…?.

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Winter traction is affected by slippery conditions; in winter drivers should drive…?

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If two vehicles arrive at an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time, the right-of-way should be given to…?

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The hand-and-arm signal for slowing or stopping is…?

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What should you do when a car is stopped at a marked crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross?

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In Ontario, you must wear a seatbelt…?

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A school bus with red signal lights flashing is stopped on a highway that has no median strip. What does the law require you to?

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Rules for both the G1 & G2 license holders include…? (Choose 2)

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If you are 80 years of age or older, you are required to renew your driver's licence every…?

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What must a driver do before entering a highway from a private road or driveway?

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When does the law require lights on vehicles to be turned on?

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Fully licensed drivers - You may be required to attend an interview and re-examination of your driving ability if you accumulate…?

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When meeting oncoming vehicles with bright headlights at night:

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You are approaching an intersection on a main road, and the intersection is blocked with traffic. You should…?

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Fully licensed drivers - At 15 demerit points:

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Pedestrians walking on a highway should normally walk…?

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Upon approaching a yield sign, what does the law require you to do?

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G1 Practice Test knowledge and rules 4

“After successfully passing your written test at Drive Test, you must hold your G1 license for one year (or 8 months if you are enrolled in a driver training program) before you can take your first drive test to qualify for a G2 license.”